Should we hire a sales manager who hasn't been able to find a job for six months?

Today, we have our sights set on a beast named "The Six-Monther." Does it remind you of something from school? You're not far from the truth.

Like a school student, The Six-Monther can spend several months searching for a job. However, perceptive employers don't let him shed the candidate label.

Let's figure out if this creature is dangerous and how to deal with it.

It is not necessary that The Six-Monther is an unskilled worker or a bad person. Let's have a conversation with one of them.

Our interviewee's name is Ivan. He is a sales manager. From his first answer in the interview, we wonder, "What's wrong with him?" He is sharp-witted and knowledgeable. (about making a first impression here) He brings value to his current position but wants to leave for various reasons: high turnover, lack of innovation, toxic colleagues. It seems like a common occurrence, but let's not rush to conclusions.

Look beyond the pleasant and competent Ivan. If you blink, you'll miss the dozens of interviews that were hindered by a nuance. Either Ivan found them, or they found something in Ivan. Both scenarios raise concerns.

Let's dispel the cloud and take a leap into our manager's past. How do we approach it gently?

Pamper the beast:

Remember that you are a friend who came with a sword of trust.
Ask about departures from previous companies (don't forget about references).
What went wrong?

Ah, he may be reticent, but you caught hints of buried grievances. Take a step towards him, support him in a maternal way, so to speak. And Ivan brightens up: the faint light scolds the shadows of old colleagues and bosses. He was underestimated, stifled, belittled. And before you appear a pile of complaints and the mask of a victim.

Has Ivan fallen into the trap?

Perhaps he is too demanding or subjective? Sometimes, such creatures don't get along well with the pack. When you spot a soap bubble, confidently press your finger on it to make it burst. But know that the "something" is not always obvious.

Understanding the specific situation will determine the decision – an offer or a rejection. We take into account Ivan's low liquidity and delve into the reasons. Confession about the past helps. And then, it's time to make a balanced decision. After all, the first impression of Ivan was remarkable. When we catch the scent of a venomous beast, it's time to determine its nature and our priorities. What does it threaten? What will it bring?

A "heavyweight" leader can sabotage order with their toxicity, or they can unite a group. They are the cherry on top, not the cream. Realize WHAT is happening and make the right choice.

Or entrust him to the beast catchers, they surely know who can be healed and who cannot.
Animal lovers, especially beast lovers, Senior Pomidor team.

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