Senior Pomidor
Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with a very interesting woman, whose name we cannot disclose as it hasn't been approved. But if she recognizes herself and gives permission to reveal it, we will rename her from incognito.
We often ponder on the subject of interacting with recruiting agencies. Such an experience, probably, many of you have had. Not always successful, and perhaps even a failure.
The story of any sales department begins with a seed planted in the middle of a vast field of diverse businesses. As the sales department grows, so does the owner. The moment arrives when they realize it's time to hire a strong Sales Department Manager (SDM).
Of course, everyone has a checklist.
They might even sell you a pen or a winter snow idea.
And it doesn't matter that they're a future manager – they should know how to sell too.
An intriguing subject? Absolutely, because there's no ceiling or threshold in it.
And there's no one-size-fits-all answer either.
We've decided to launch a series of case studies and anti-cases to share the ups and downs of recruitment with you.
Because it's not all just theory.
Today, we will tell you how to prepare for the launch of a sales department focused on foreign clients.
Today, let's talk about the competition between external recruiters/agencies and internal recruiters.
Let's start with a brief thesis: what works well for one type of business may not always work well for another.

Why is that? If you have a huge team of recruiters, with distributed responsibilities and a joyful work environment, then there's no apparent benefit in outsourcing - they already enjoy their work.
Have you seen those packets that were overlooked, without finding a purpose for them, and now they fly around, swaying in the wind, waiting for someone to finally find a use for them?
Once upon a time, there was a sales manager in a company who suddenly left without warning...
Imagine this: a candidate comes to an interview at their dream company, sitting on a leather sofa while a barista prepares them a pumpkin latte.
How often do candidates apply for a job where they fall short in certain criteria? What should an employer do in such cases?
Why it's important to actively recruit sales managers in summer
Unlike other creatures, humans are constantly in search, as if they are always lacking something. While others satisfy their needs and cease the search until something disturbs them again.
Together, let's step-by-step create a candidate profile for the position of Sales Manager.
We were hanging on our branches when suddenly Vara came up with the idea: "Let's create our own ranking of recruitment agencies and put ourselves in the first place, shall we?" (It usually doesn't happen like that)
Have you, as a sales manager, ever lost those packages you overlooked, couldn't find a purpose for, and now they're flying around, swaying from side to side in the wind, waiting for someone to finally find a use for them?
You meet him at an event. You couldn't help but notice his facial expressions and manners. Does anyone here know him? Can someone introduce you to each other?
V: Alexey, did you approach a recruitment agency? Don't you have an in-house recruiter in your company?
The method that helped us take CarPrice from the top 10 to the top 3 and scared away all the cats is called vacuuming.
That's it. Enough. Stop.
Stop asking people to sell you a pen, snow, and mythical creatures.
No need for sand. No need for pencils.
It's not even funny anymore (although maybe it's still a bit funny).
But seriously.
Hint: Who should read and who shouldn't. Sales managers - read. Recruiters - beware.
If you don't want sales department tasks to be solved using tarot cards and the alignment of planets, it's worth being more careful in selecting the Sales Department Manager.
Choosing a Hero

In our time, the position of Head of Sales is filled by people with different life scenarios. Some candidates, to be frank, are unpromising—they aim for the role just to avoid active selling themselves. If you've recognized such a candidate, well done. But this article is not about them, haha.
Today, we have our sights set on a beast named "The Six-Monther." Does it remind you of something from school? You're not far from the truth.
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