Fuck-ups, go away from the interview!

Hint: Who should read and who shouldn't. Sales managers - read. Recruiters - beware.

Company owners - create a checklist to fine-tune your company's image in the eyes of candidates.

"What should you do to shine in an interview?"
Obviously, it's better to...prepare.
Let's go step by step:

First part - check the website...

Find and study the company's website.
Look at the product you will be selling and the format in which it needs to be sold.
Look at yourself, then at the company, then back at yourself. Compare your desires with reality.
Have a conversation with yourself (the voices in your head almost always give sound advice).
Think about whether the conditions attract you and whether you want to sell these services/this product.
Consider the company's target audience and customers. If it's B2B, which companies would you sell to?
Clarify who makes the decisions in the company.

Have you had experience communicating with these people? (Marketing directors, IT directors, finance, HRD, etc.)
Imagine this: you are given a phone, a CRM dump, and sent to sell - what would you do?
And if it's B2C, think about the core target audience of the product.
Secondly - gather additional information.
Study the competition.
Who else has similar products? Check the market competitiveness.
Look for mentions in the media.
Just try not to stumble upon yellow articles from competitors.
See how often the company has written about itself on well-known platforms. If they haven't, it's a red flag. After all, it affects the popularity of what you plan to sell.

What is the uniqueness of the value proposition?
Find out what sets the company's product apart from other competitors.
The third step - prepare the goal to adhere to.

Describe the product for yourself.

How long can you sell the product? What is the sales cycle like? What is the average deal size? And another thousand and one question to not miss anything important.
IMPORTANT: You must find solutions based on your experience.

For example, "Guys, HRD is responsible for your product, and I worked with HRD in my previous company, but in a different area."
This way, you:
give the recruiter a hint that you understand the specific contact you can establish with the target audience;
can ask targeted questions about the reaction and objections of the potential target audience.
Find articles.

If you find mentions of the company in articles, you can hint at it to the recruiter. You're going into sales, and the ability to dig up information about the company is never excessive. Show your skills in the meeting by asking specific detailed questions.

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