How to find a top sales manager and what is vacuuming

The method that helped us take CarPrice from the top 10 to the top 3 and scared away all the cats is called vacuuming.

Step One: Creating the Candidate Profile

Instead of asking, we inquire with the client about the hard and soft skills they want to see in a candidate, the experience they expect, in other words - who they would take with them to a deserted island.

Step Two: Vacuuming

This is where the real excitement begins. At this stage, in the recruitment agency, we hand the candidate profile to the recruiter, and armed with this map, they set out on a treasure hunt. Remember those adventure movies where the heroes try to find a treasure? Have you noticed that the main character and the antagonist take different paths to reach the same goal? Maybe I'm not an expert in cinematography, but I can confidently say that it's because they use different methods of reading the map. The same goes for recruiters: everyone has different search methodologies and tools, even within the same platform. That's why we give the candidate profile to not just one, but several recruiters, and that's when they start "vacuuming" the market. The more "vacuum cleaners," the better. (And the "vacuum cleaners" should be at least Dyson)

Step Three: Selection

After active "vacuuming," we independently select a dozen (and a bottle of rum!) candidates to give the client the opportunity to choose from the best sales managers, rather than from all of them. We make sure we're on the right track and start testing the candidates: we ask riddles, request a poem - everything, just like everyone else :)

Final Scene

As expected, in the final scene of our movie, after going through all the mazes and defeating monsters, we find the treasure the client has been dreaming of. The screen fades, but you don't leave your seat because you're waiting for the post-credits scene... And here it is: the story of our sales manager's commercial success in the client's company! (How else could it be?)

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