Vladimir and Alexey: about sales managers and fishing

V: Alexey, did you approach a recruitment agency? Don't you have an in-house recruiter in your company?

A: So what? Can't I approach a recruitment agency to strengthen the search for a sales manager?

V: Is your in-house recruiter aware of it and not against it?

A: Of course not, we both understand that it will be beneficial for both of us. He has an additional motivation to oversee the process of working with an external agency.

V: Are you saying he's aware? How did you eliminate the fear of competition?

A: It's essential to calculate everything and approach the situation with the understanding that it is not only normal but also beneficial and effective. Just think about it, your recruiter, you constantly overload him, giving him five or more vacancies to close. How do you expect him to handle that? Or if you're okay with long timelines... what about quality? I can't imagine on which position you can save, but I know for sure that the cheapest sales manager in any company can turn out to be the most expensive. Therefore, dedicated resources of at least one recruiter should be allocated for that position. So why would I completely replace my recruiter if I can simply delegate the control points to those who excel in this specific search?

V: Well, that's an interesting perspective. It still requires an outsider, who doesn't know your business, to precisely understand who you need.

A: Actually, it's quite simple. The initial meeting shows whether the contractor is immersing themselves in your business or if they're only interested in signing a contract and getting paid. I found those who immerse themselves (yes, they're few), checked their vision, received some valuable advice on motivating sales managers, reviewed their follow-up process, and then we synchronize after secondary interviews with me and test assignments for candidates who passed all the previous stages. They will perform their job well, and your recruiter will perform his job well too – that's what I call a benefit.

V: We (actually, everyone) also need the best managers – I agree, but I don't have such a large team, and my recruiter isn't overloaded with vacancies, so this format is unlikely to suit me: it's like using two fishing rods in the same pond.

A: If your recruiter isn't heavily loaded with vacancies and is also searching for sales managers, he's probably working with inbound requests, while the agency deals with cold approaches, and it's not the same thing. I doubt you're not eager to increase sales. Moreover, these guys specifically have practical experience in building sales departments and can provide consultation in this area, which was valuable to me. It's a modern world, we discard the templates of "how it should be" and focus on what is beneficial and effective. For you and your company. And it's comfortable for everyone working in it. Motivation can always be adjusted for this purpose. And most importantly – results.

V: Yes, it seems it's time to break stereotypes. Otherwise, at this rate, they will snatch all the top managers. Not us.

A: By the way, since you reminded me, how about going to our fishing spot on Saturday? Vitaliy says it's fantastic, simply amazing.

V: Sure, why not. Besides, someone will be looking for salespeople for me, which is also a plus. I love delegation. Stay in touch!

Note: The conversation includes some informal language and context specific to the individuals involved. The translation aims to capture the essence of the conversation while maintaining readability in English.

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