One chance for a sales manager

You meet him at an event. You couldn't help but notice his facial expressions and manners. Does anyone here know him? Can someone introduce you to each other?
The evening drags on, and you keep observing, occasionally approaching the bar from the opposite side at the same time as he does. Suddenly, a random conversation, seemingly about nothing, turns into a question directed at you: "What's your zodiac sign?" - "I'm a Taurus" - "Me too." Does it mean something? For whom? For him? For you? Does it really matter? Are there any chances? No? Is there an astrologer in the room, please speak up?

The first meeting turned into the fifth, it seems like the director of your screenplay really loves clichéd romcoms, but...

Yes, some awkward gesture, or perhaps an unfortunate coincidence. Whatever you imagined at the very beginning, I don't know, but maybe you never believed in coincidences, or maybe you attributed special significance to chance occurrences. But bam... and they kill DiCaprio right at the beginning of the movie - and that means that this time everything turned out differently. That very moment, like a rising sun, dispelled the morning mist of romance. It all ended without even starting.

Still, why is it so important for a sales manager not only to start well but also to maintain authenticity throughout the entire performance?

There's only one chance. One chance to capture interest in a 15-second call or message. One chance to subtly invite for a meeting. One chance to deliver the best presentation in your life and theirs, and preferably wrap it up in half an hour because everyone values their time. One chance to make the most profitable business proposal. And one chance to close the deal or persuade otherwise.

And if your shirt under the tailcoat stands out with its yellowish hue among the expensive white shirts around, you risk remaining as just a nice guy whose expensive cologne has simply mixed with the scent of air freshener, and now, offering a cocktail to a beauty, the conversion rate won't be as high.

Timing is everything. You're either preparing for the meeting or not. The same goes for sales. If you come unprepared, you miss the deal, and the client, looking at you, has already formed an opinion about the entire company. And then, no matter what terms you offer, a trail of client mistrust will always follow you.

Sales - it's a demanding psychological job where you can't make mistakes and immediately press "delete" - once you make a mistake, your reputation goes down the drain. Not many choose this explosive and unpredictable profession that only offers one pocket with just one chance. But there are those for whom it's a lifestyle, their image. They are sales managers. They breathe it.

To know such people means to wait for them in advance on the opposite side of the bar, not letting the preoccupied astrologer lower the temperature of the drinks.

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