Being in a perpetual search for sales managers

Unlike other creatures, humans are constantly in search, as if they are always lacking something. While others satisfy their needs and cease the search until something disturbs them again.

So, maybe it's not worth becoming a business shark and instead remaining human?

There was a sales department, and then there was no sales department

A common pain we have observed over the years of our work is the situation where a small business had a well-established sales department. It was small, but it was sufficient. A sales manager and 2-3 salespeople. Everything worked like clockwork. Until there were some disagreements with the sales manager. One person expressed themselves incorrectly, another misunderstood, and before the owner could blink, the sales manager left, taking the entire team with them. Wow...

I don't want to scare you; it's an extreme case, of course. What happens more often is a situation where suddenly one of the managers leaves, and the dynamics sharply decline. It's not surprising that the fewer managers there are, the greater the drop in dynamics when one of them leaves. So today, we are not talking about companies with large sales departments; we can only applaud them (if everyone is economically satisfied).

But what about small businesses?

The answer is simple: constantly search for sales managers. Even when it seems that you don't need to, keep searching. Search for your ideal manager; it may take a lot of time, or you may not find them at all. Yes, you may not find them. But you will have a database of potential candidates that you can use if you suddenly lose an employee or if you want to expand your team.

If you can't find your ideal sales manager, at least find a replacement. Everyone understands that the law of the jungle applies here - weak ones are let go, while your business becomes stronger.

Make sure you have at least 15 candidates in reserve. If the day comes, even if only one person from the reserve can be taken for the urgent position.

In summary,

Constantly search in order to:

Have a backup in case of unforeseen circumstances
Replace your player with a stronger one
Find your dream sales manager

We want to say to all business sharks: being in constant rotation means remaining human.

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