A Sad Play about Missing a Strong Sales Manager

Tomato Drama in Four Acts.


Margo, 32 years old, a very strong sales manager, conducted high-level negotiations, and was a leader in impressive projects.
Angela, 36 years old, talkative and full-figured, a friend of a very strong sales manager.
Valya, 34 years old, a recruiter searching for a strong sales manager.

ACT 1. The Strong Candidate.

Scene: An inexpensive karaoke bar near Angela's home.

Angela: That leather looks genuine. I can't wait for April. By the way, you mentioned that your offer is on hold. When will they decide?

Margo: Oh, that one? They said it could take 6 months, maybe by summer, I think they'll give an answer.

Angela: Are you going to wait? Or what's the plan?

Margo: I don't know. I'll probably look into other options and see what I can fill that gap with.

ACT 2. The Good Candidate.

Scene: Online chat.

Margo: Hello! I'm a strong candidate! I wanted to clarify something about the job opening.

Valya: Good day! Yes, please go ahead.

Margo: As a strong candidate, I'd like to negotiate the salary for this position.

Valya: Alright, I'll check with management and get back to you with an answer.

ACT 3. The Average Candidate.

Scene: Online chat.

Valya: Good day! Unfortunately, we won't be able to restructure the compensation in a way that matches your expectations.

However, we consider you a strong candidate; it's just that the project's economics and budget don't currently have the resources for a specialist like you.

Margo: Well, let's consider the initial salary that the company is offering, and then we can discuss other figures later on.

ACT 4. The Poor Candidate.

Scene: A café near the company's office where Margo just had an interview.

Margo: No, Angela, listen to this. I went for an interview, and you know what? I don't suffer from narcissism, you know me. But I can realistically evaluate my abilities. You see, when you have experience in project sales, conducted great negotiations with top management, held leadership positions. I'm not saying they should hire me without an interview, but when a person with that level of experience pays attention to a certain job opening, they can act a little differently.

Angela to the waiter: Where is the sugar?

Margo: You know what I noticed? The higher the salaries and the cooler the company, the more reasonable the management is. The lower the salary, the lesser-known the company, the stranger the management becomes. They have all these CEO types, executive investors attending interviews, but it's not about that, Angela. It's about the strange requirements, the strange questions. I, for a moment, had an interview at Yandex, and they noted so many positives about me. And here, some no-name company tells me, "I don't consider that an achievement, I don't consider it a plus." Hellooo, who are you, anyway? I really don't understand these kinds of companies. She asked if I knew anything about their product... What exactly am I supposed to know about your product? She didn't even specify. Angela, you know I have a busy schedule; I wasted my time on this interview, used up my resources. Actually, I did them a favor by agreeing to come to the interview. The salary they offered is so low for me; I don't even know. These companies just evoke negative feelings. Who are they looking for? A super genius who will do everything in the world for their pennies? In short, the competencies are not at my level, not at all.

Angela: Well, let them keep searching for someone like you, Margo.

Margo: Exactly. Well, let's wait until Tuesday and see if they offer me the job.

Angela: Are you still considering it?

Margo: Well, Angela, someone has to teach them how to work.

Curtain falls. Applause.

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