"By the command of a pike, by my own desire..."

Imagine this: a candidate comes to an interview at their dream company, sitting on a leather sofa while a barista prepares them a pumpkin latte.

According to the conditions, everything is perfect for them: base salary plus commission, a motivational system...

They have prepared well, with excellent experience and extensive knowledge in the sales field, and even a positive recommendation from their previous job!

How quickly would you find "the one"?

Wake up. Where did you read such fairy tales?

Of course, you can try your luck and conduct the selection process. Who knows, maybe the dream was a sign.

Here are the laws of tranquility that candidates sometimes follow to avoid unnecessary worry:

Not preparing for the interview.

They are too cool for that. They believe everything is the same everywhere: standard questions and "sell me this pen."

They choose to binge-watch TV shows instead, and during the interview, they improvise.

Not researching the company.

It's just a waste of time because your main task as a recruiter is to "sell the company and the job." After all, you're the one getting paid, not the candidate, so work hard and tell them as much as possible about the company.

Cover letter = a mediocre endeavor.

Oh, those template texts. "I liked your company, always wanted to sell your product, it's so interesting!"

Everything would be fine, but there's an abundance of such emails. It's only worse when there's a period or an exclamation mark in the email. Or multiple random keystrokes, as if someone accidentally fell asleep on the keyboard.

Not stating their name.

"Miss, were you the one who called me about the job a week ago?" Remember, you're a super brain and psychic. You can determine the candidate's voice and the job they applied for. We believe in you.

So does the candidate.

Their responsibilities are not LEGO.

That's why they don't describe their duties and achievements in detail. A brief description suffices: sold products, met targets, had tea, discussed office politics (or not). They don't need to weave a tapestry. You're the recruiter, and you'll ask the necessary questions.

Not talking about the product they sold.

It's a company secret. €16.

What if they want to return someday, and you've already revealed the uniqueness of that product? They'll be declared a traitor, a violator of NDA, and immediately put on the wanted list.

Experience is a secret.

The candidate's relevant experience and skills are their personal matter. And as we know, personal matters are not public!

Be Sherlock, activate deduction, come on.) Go and gather references from the sky instead.

My MOP is smoking a cigar.

They don't mention that they smoke. When they light up a Marlboro right at the interview and offer you one, agree—relaxation is also needed at work.

Responsibilities will become apparent along the way.

They aren't interested in duties; those are extra 10 minutes that can be spent on coffee. They know they're a sales wolf, a jack-of-all-trades. They'll handle it, relax.

The most important advice.

Oh, the fickleness—now the candidate's dream company has changed, and they didn't come to your interview. And they didn't even notify you.

Only in the evening, after missing the interview, they send a rejection and even add, "The other company offers better conditions and taxi service to work."

So, know whom you've lost!

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