The time has come to embark on a fairytale journey or When it's time to go "Sale hunting"

Once upon a time, there was a sales manager in a company who suddenly left without warning...

But the sales pipeline had a backup.

You see, they had taken care of finding a "backup" salesperson in advance.

Do you want sudden departures to not be accompanied by missed deadlines for you too?

Get comfortable.

We bring you a breakdown of mistakes in sales manager recruitment. Specifically, regarding timing.
Why bother looking for them at all if the sales department is already assembled?

❗️ Employee turnover is constant and unpredictable, which is why you should keep your finger on the "accept application" button.

Did sadness strike the salesperson, or did distant relatives arrive for six months?

No one knows why, but they simply resigned?

And you're on alert.

After all, they need a replacement. Urgently. Preferably right after they calmly closed the door.

Revenue drops, deadlines burn like September.

But only if you didn't have any "hot" open positions. Why not? When the time comes.

This is about the situation of searching "just in case".

When you not only reassure the company owner with your foresight but also think a few steps (and salespeople) ahead.

And there, behold, you might come across the perfect candidate to replace the salesperson who has been sitting on social media for too long.

Or you might even have to expand the team (what if exponential growth is planned), and you already have a reserve of candidates for an entire department.

Isn't that great?

That's why it's never a waste to search for salespeople, even when "everything is fine."

Have you had cases where salespeople left and didn't promise to return?

Tell us how you promptly found replacements.

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