Tug of War between Candidates

Today, let's talk about the competition between external recruiters/agencies and internal recruiters.

"Competition" is a convention. In reality, it's a good practice that helps identify the best of the best within a short period.

The task is to hire a sales manager, but with a strict entry threshold.

Both external and internal recruiters will respond to this task, which means the number of channels will increase. Instead of having 5 candidates for an interview, you'll have a minimum of 6-7.

Pay attention to quality and professionalism, rather than multiplying the number of people.

Don't strive for a large candidate pool.

Qualified contractors value your time, so they offer fewer candidates but properly selected ones.

Instead of bringing candidates just to "have a look, in case it works," highlight your activity.

Skilled recruiters will assess more sales professionals at their level and separate those suitable for closing the position. They will also follow up with candidates if the company can afford a longer training period.

Here's a tip:

All candidates, as luck would have it, fall short of KPIs.

What should you do if deadlines are approaching rapidly and you need an urgent replacement?

Where should you go?

To the selection field covered by your internal and external recruiters.

After all, you have already taken care of having an internal recruiter, relieving them of stress and leaving them with warm leads. They focus on priority vacancies.

The agency you hired, on the other hand, deals with cold leads.

Everyone is busy with their own tasks. ????

And in reality, it's not so important whom you choose:

It's not about the cost of the candidate at the start, but about how much money they will bring in.

And they should bring in money.

After all, recruiters are responsible and motivated for the candidates they have selected!

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