How to approach the Director of Marketing and effectively sell to them

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with a very interesting woman, whose name we cannot disclose as it hasn't been approved. But if she recognizes herself and gives permission to reveal it, we will rename her from incognito.

(A bit of background: she has over 15 years of experience in marketing in large companies.)

As it's known, the larger the company, the more salespeople knock on your door. That's where our conversation began on the topic of "What annoys the Director of Marketing the most when working with sales managers?"

Phone calls.

As it turns out, it's a universal issue.

Everyone is trying to make a call and remind you of their existence.

We all know about databases that easily provide important information like surnames, extension numbers, and personal mobile numbers. That's why Directors of Marketing are bombarded with calls, constant calls.

Her words conveyed a sense of frustration.

During the conversation with our CMO, Alexey Saprin, the co-founder of SaPoVaR and SeniorPomidor, a logical question arose: "How much pain have I caused people in the marketing world in my time?" Alexey, primarily involved in sales and hiring sales managers for over 15 years, finds it easier to "make a call and discuss."

What should people who need to sell do? How to do their job effectively? The answer is obvious: Write!
Write compelling messages and emails.

In Russia, it's clear that email isn't highly developed, and its importance is underestimated. However, our interviewee mentioned that she regularly checks her email throughout the week.

And what about messages in popular messengers?

Of course, yes!

Were there messages to which she didn't respond? Yes, many.
But she doesn't ignore them because she didn't like the avatar (although, by the way, nowadays it reduces response rates), but rather because the message or email didn't clearly convey the topic.

When people send offers to solve, buy, or install something without explaining why and for what purpose it's needed, they appear to be "only thinking about themselves and their benefit" rather than considering the potential buyer's benefit.

What kind of emails and messages grab her attention?
Those where the subject is clear, and the value is understood.

The task to be solved in collaboration with a specific partner is thoroughly described (preferably with links to case studies).

Such emails receive responses with detailed explanations, or the messages are forwarded to the relevant people.

You know that executives have many tasks and little time?

Try writing a compelling text, sell through correspondence.

Contrary to stereotypes, correspondence is not always the longest sales path.

Often, it's short if you address the current needs. For example, if you find yourself in the right place at the right time. Highlight this aspect.

Write like a pro, and the gods will relay your request to the Director of Marketing.

We published an article on our channel at VC.RU about communication with a specialist who has been responsible for marketing in large companies for over 15 years.

We have prepared a brief summary for you to save your precious time:

"I have a tight schedule, I'm busy 24/7, and I only answer important calls. What do I want when I come home? A blanket, goodies, TV shows, and scrolling through my feed, but certainly not communication with strangers on the phone.

I have dedicated time for communication - that's when I read important emails that might interest me, and if I find it interesting, I'll make time in my calendar to communicate with a sales manager. Let's have a call."

But this is an ideal scenario if the product or service's value has been conveyed in the correspondence. You need to send a message or email that touches their heart and addresses their needs. Psst... you can even achieve this with a well-edited template.

Write sincerely, creatively, concisely, and focus on the benefits for the customer, not just yourself. Then, there's a chance of staying in their contacts.

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