Prepare your sales sleds in summer (to be the king of the mountain during the season)

Why it's important to actively recruit sales managers in summer

For 14 years, we have been one of the strongest in sales direction.
14 years = 13-14 seasons.
We have experienced both ups and downs, but an important insight has been preserved:
always, always start building the team well in advance.

Usually, the season looks like this:
end of August - start of the season, end of the year - its completion.

But is there something else important? Of course - the second season ????

We noticed that it usually starts in January. And not at the moment when people throw a piece of paper with their wishes into a glass and make a vision board for the upcoming 365 days. But when the holidays end and enthusiasts start making moves in the professional sphere, such as actively opening job vacancies ????‍????

By the way, as a note - if you want to change jobs and truly change your life along with the new year, look for a job during this time period. Because almost all companies are willing to hire candidates who are far from the desired profile during this time. Why?
Because the year has started, January is coming to an end, plans are lagging, and the team is not formed. Again, why? Because in December, everyone was talking about "low conversion to interviews," "it's pointless to train, there is no one to sell to," "just transferring photos for managers to sit and do nothing." So, how can you bring everyone together in one day, right? Unrealistic ????????????

Companies start forming new teams before the hot dates. Don't do the same.

Prepare for January from November ????

And consider the following when hiring a sales manager:

adaptation and turnover
Not all your candidates will smoothly reach the finish line.
Some will get distracted by other races, while others will stumble upon an obstacle.
❕It's better to recruit your sports team with a margin so that you are prepared for surprises in advance.

Even your long-standing employees, who suddenly want to disconnect from the world and live as hermits (because they already understand everything in this life), may drop out of the race.

conversion (which needs to be taken into account before starting work with candidates)
Think three steps ahead and make predictions about the remaining candidates based on experience.

training time
Juniors need three times more time than seniors.

So, the mantra:

hire a person a few weeks before the start of the season
(compare it with your onboarding process and the time required to prepare the base)

In other words, if it takes you three months to launch a team, and the season starts at the end of August, then by EARLY June, the projected team should already be formed and undergoing training to be ready to excel in September.
We're a little late with this post, aren't we?)) ????

Sharing our sad experience

Sometimes we encounter cases when companies come to us with a request in August because they are starting the hiring process for the season and they think they have come "in advance."

What comes out of this?

We rush to quickly fill positions ????‍????
For some, we close positions within a week (that's the minimum cycle).
For some, we can't close positions due to the specific profile requirements and numerous influencing factors besides the increased demand for candidates in the market before the season, as well as competition among employers.

And for some companies, the fully formed team is only ready by the middle of the season, assembled based on the principles of:

⏰ time limitations

⚙️ lack of skills ("we'll train them," "it'll do for now") due to limited choices

???? overpayment (you will be selecting candidates with the understanding of "either I take them or we won't meet the targets," which requires resources: both time and money)

By hiring employees in advance, you have time for replacements and to work on any mistakes.

We, experienced by our own mistakes, urge you to:
???? think about the team in advance,
???? adjust deadlines in the launch schedule.

Then, when the season comes, your sales team will have the knowledge, the database, and will be ready to excel in the sales funnel ????

Prepare sales teams in summer and open vacancies in winter

Wishing everyone a great summer and preparation for the season!

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