Why Outsourcing Recruitment is Beneficial

Let's start with a brief thesis: what works well for one type of business may not always work well for another.

Why is that? If you have a huge team of recruiters, with distributed responsibilities and a joyful work environment, then there's no apparent benefit in outsourcing - they already enjoy their work.

But let's imagine or model a poor recruiter: they have a million job openings and interviews, and on top of that, they have to do cold outreach that feels as cold as the Arctic. Oh, and there's another HR person almost crying because, besides recruiting, they are also handling employee adaptation and development, struggling to keep up with their manager's high expectations - too many tasks.

A sad picture, isn't it?

So, what are the advantages of outsourcing? They might cry for a bit, wipe their tears, and start prioritizing tasks – everyone has bad days, right? Or is it the working conditions? ;)

Where's the money in all of this?
Let's take a look from a different angle.

The manager of Company X had limited resources. He heard that cold outreach is a great and effective tool in recruiting and business. However, he constantly had to spend extra money on posting job openings on platforms like hh.ru and promoting them.

Furthermore, he was the one screening candidates, trying to sell them on the job, and conducting empty interviews. Why were they empty? Because half of the people just "clicked" on the job ad and showed up. He couldn't differentiate between relevant candidates and non-relevant ones.

What does the manager of Company X spend besides money?

Answer: Time-wasting.

It turns out that a rather fleeting but highly valuable resource gets lost in non-committed candidates and copy-pasting messages like "you're not a fit for us, but we'll keep your contact for future opportunities."

Now let's look at the situation with an outsourcing contractor to compare and find the benefits.

The manager of Company S knew that cold outreach is a challenging but effective tool in sales and recruiting. He optimized the operations and didn't want to spend time on outreach, and he only had one recruiter who handled warm leads.

The manager of Company S defined the candidate criteria for the search and found a good agency. The contractor posted job openings on platforms, screened out unsuitable salespeople at the first stage (or maybe even unsuitable candidates altogether). After all, there were clear selection criteria in place.

After a short while, the manager of Company S gets a stream of relevant salespeople. He's happy.

Can you feel the difference? The ease of the search in the second case (when the manager hardly thinks about recruitment) and the bitterness of burnout in the first.

The manager of Company X spent effort, money, nerves, and employee hours. He pays a lot to demotivated and overwhelmed employees, spends on job postings, and invests his own involvement in the process. Yet, he still didn't find the ideal candidate.

The manager of Company S spent only money, and that too, was for the successful candidate. In the end, he got what he wanted.

If you have doubts, discuss within your team the benefits you'll gain as a company if you outsource the recruitment process.

And don't forget, if the agency you found is really, really great (for example - us), you'll also get a quantitative indicator - meaning you'll have twice as many good candidates (at the very least).

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