How We Found a Candidate
in Just 1 WEEK

We've decided to launch a series of case studies and anti-cases to share the ups and downs of recruitment with you.
Because it's not all just theory.

There's no such thing as a perfect case.
That's the whole point. Let's dive in!

During our meeting with the company, we carefully dissected the vacancy, candidate profile, and challenging requirements.
Several agencies were racing to find managers...

Within the first 3 days, we surged ahead and clinched the competition with a single candidate.
What's the secret?

Clients usually say:
"How great you worked"
or, quite rarely:
"Since everything is going so smoothly, maybe we could lower the price?"

But leaders work differently.

This is a story about the work done: the better your foundation and meticulous recruiters, the more often you lead in recruitment.
And when a company comes along for which you haven't yet built the funnel, you say, "We'll set it up now, just give us a little time."

When you've already set up a funnel in a certain direction, closing a vacancy is effortless.
We did it three times in a month. The profiles and directions were distinct from each other. This is how a well-established base and refined candidate funnels built over years function.

We receive a job order:

I want an HRtech guru with X sales track record and remote work, market salary range.
We have a base, and after applying filters – a click of the mouse yields at least 10 vetted candidates. Now we need to match the requirements and resumes and update the candidates' statuses – let's go.

Easy success?
Definitely for the clients. For us, considering what's behind the scenes, not entirely.

If you have a vegetable garden, it's easy to go and pick broccoli, but to grow it, you need time, patience, and a lot of effort.
The same goes for candidates.
You can easily share them with clients, but only if you've planted and nurtured the bush in advance.

Our case is about working with a top company specializing in custom development.
They have everything – high-ticket sales, complex deals, year-long plans to ramp up managers, plans in the tens of millions of rubles.
Their niche points to a shortage of specialists. But we managed to find the best.

What's the starting point?

We make an introductory call, pre-qualify the vacancy, and supplement the manager's profile with a special technical task.

Our secret sauce is that

☄️ we work with sales every day and know in advance what questions candidates will ask (at least about motivation specifics);

☄️ we're proponents of quickly agreeing and signing all documents at the start, but while paperwork formalities are being arranged, we're already spinning like gears in candidate selection.

Lights, camera, action!
Nailed it on the first try. That's success.

Of course, we're proud of such cases too.
And we rejoice every time like it's the first (seriously).

Our Little Secrets

Before gathering a base and inventing a super-button for quick closures, we conducted thousands of interviews.
Imagine the kind of database we have. Of course, it's not all the salespeople in the world, but we're on the right track.

Targeted selection for the company. Conducting any number of interviews can be measured in terms of time and money. That's why we excellently train recruiters in pre-qualifying candidates.

Our whole team is at home in the database, just like fish in water, so when a new job order comes in, they provide the right number of relevant candidates.

With a high likelihood, someone from the selection will certainly appeal to the client.
To close on the first attempt requires a touch of luck, a red thread on the wrist, and a spark of affection between the candidate and the client.

But cases aren't always successful. In fact, we find it even more interesting to tell you about anti-cases, when things were tough and why. After all, the main secret of scaling lies in experience.

So, when you and we look at a task with a successful and rapid closure, it might seem that there's certainly luck and good earnings involved.
At the same time, let's not forget about the multi-stage work that was done to achieve this success.

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