Case Study #1.
In Search of a New Sales Leader.
The Price of the Matter.

An intriguing subject? Absolutely, because there's no ceiling or threshold in it.
And there's no one-size-fits-all answer either.

We're setting the vector for your search for a new Head of Sales:

Look Around
Step into the market - assess the situation.

Simplify your monitoring by breaking down the market into several initial segments, for example, based on salary range:

Up to 90,000 rubles
90,000 - 120,000 rubles
120,000 - 150,000 rubles
*The price range could be lower or higher
???? Why?
To conduct 5-6 interviews with each group and compare approaches.

Follow our guide with candidates and identify differences between employees earning up to 90,000 and those earning 130,000.
(Example)‼️ Remember, the potential Head of Sales will have financial responsibility.
Being stringent about experience and skills is perfectly normal.
0️⃣ It's even recommended

If you suddenly hear the wavering of a white flag in your subconscious because the Head of Sales is drowning in numbers, confidently repaint the flag red???? and continue exploring the market, forgetting that experience like a bad dream.

After extensive casting and selections, ask yourself:
Am I willing to pay an extra 50-60 thousand for a stronger team member?
Absolutely, if they are truly strong.

Experience always pays off if you invest time in it at the start.
It's possible that during the selection process, you'll realize you want to explore a higher price range.
Define the task and approach a recruiter.

⛔️ Just don't pay more for a team, Head of Sales, or salespeople if they are already well-networked and have their own contacts

"A Market-Experienced Head of Sales"
Once, the owner of Company X received an application from a Head of Sales who had escaped from competitors.
The applicant demanded a higher salary.
Our executive sat on a sturdy chair in the corner of the room and started thinking:
What specifically entitles this wonder Head of Sales to earn more?

Stolen contacts? Good looks? Competence?...

If they had billions-worth of deals under their belt and a trove of innovative sales tools, there wouldn't be any questions. However, the candidate's backpack only contained basic skills. It seemed unreasonable to pay extra for them.

And so, the executive's contemplation ended, and the Head of Sales' resume set sail.

We don't know of any successful cases where candidates said:
"I'm from the prestigious Y market, I know 600 companies, and I'll bring you ALL of them."
(Or even half. Or even 10.)

1️⃣ Firstly, they have already left somewhere and taken contacts with them.
What guarantees it won't happen again? You think an NDA will protect you, but maybe that company didn't have one?
In general, perhaps they didn't have time to sort out legal matters, while you do. Well...

2️⃣ Secondly, yes, maybe they indeed have 10-15 contacts they will try to reach out to. Typically, out of 15 contacts, 2-3 might respond with a "Yes." That's it.
And it seems these "advantages" are insufficient for an increased fixed salary.

Competent Heads of Sales aren't lying around and won't wait long for offers.
You need to snatch them up while they're hot. ???? Don't forget:

Pay for skills and experience, not for good looks and a pilfered contact list.

If you procrastinate, the team will wither without a leader.

So, let's proceed methodically this week, which is bound to be productive,
because that's our wish for you! Onward in the pursuit of candidates! ????

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