Are you really a recruiter?!

The story of any sales department begins with a seed planted in the middle of a vast field of diverse businesses. As the sales department grows, so does the owner. The moment arrives when they realize it's time to hire a strong Sales Department Manager (SDM).

⏳Time for candidate search is limited.
The task has a shorter shelf life than yogurt with probiotics. What needs to be accomplished?

✔️Diversify selection. From interviews with candidates from different markets to assess and compare them.

✔️Add an extra 20 hours a day. In a short timeframe, you need to review numerous candidates.

For some recruiters, this isn't a problem, but a stable funnel:

viewed 200 resumes
100 candidates were suitable
contacted 50 candidates

and then

communicated with 30 candidates
➖ 10 advanced to the next stage ➖ 6 came for interviews

all of this in 2 weeks. It's a speedrun - indeed.

2 weeks is a lot.

Candidates who were considering your vacancy today could start working at another company tomorrow.

They are like hotcakes - first come, first served.

⭐️Invest in hiring an in-house recruiter.
(Only if you're willing to let go of their other tasks.)
They will bring you 10-15 fresh resumes for the task.

If that's not an option, it would be great to involve a few more recruiters who can help review more candidates in a short time.

‼️An in-house recruiter physically can't review 500-600 resumes in the same amount of time.

When facing a pressing deadline for recruitment, it's important to either increase the number of recruiters (reallocate from other projects) or turn to external agencies.

So, if you suddenly realize that the vacancies your recruiter found are not enough, call in an agency for help, and you'll definitely find your ideal manager.

How to choose an external recruiter?

Look at the terms and timelines

Study the profile of the staffing agency

The agency's specialized direction is crucial for collaboration.

"But if I approach an agency that specializes in IT recruitment, will they find an SDM for me?" - Not guaranteed, but they certainly won't refuse to help.

The ultimate question is: what kind of candidates will you be considering?

If the recruiter lacks experience in selecting sales department managers, they might send you anyone who fits the criteria (often vague, like sands in the Sahara).
*️⃣They might overlook a candidate who couldn't showcase their potential at the moment or miss out on someone experienced (not guaranteed, but the risk is high)

A good recruiter, however, will prepare the candidate, highlight their strengths and growth areas, making it easier for you to make a choice (with an expert "market" recommendation).

So, don't hesitate, experiment, and collaborate with great agencies.

Wishing everyone a successful endeavor!

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