Is he definitely a professional? Or about how to find a qualified recruiter.

We often ponder on the subject of interacting with recruiting agencies. Such an experience, probably, many of you have had. Not always successful, and perhaps even a failure.

Nevertheless, an assessment of the work is always formed: whether the partner was effective or not.

Everyone is familiar with the story like: "We got the money - so the sale was successful."

But what to do with a business where sales last for 6-9-12 months? Evaluating the managers' effectiveness at each stage of the funnel is the right approach.

How to understand that the agency hasn't failed?

"They might not have had time to show the required number of candidates," someone might say, starting to analyze their work. A mistake.

So, it's better not to focus on quantitative indicators ✖️. When you asked for a minimum of 15 candidates, and for greater certainty, the recruiters showed 20 - you should be wary.

Anyone can generate traffic, but along with it comes the scent of deception:

they brought people, and the fact that they are "almost suitable" or not suitable at all - does that not matter?

Our Methods

Show the most relevant candidates. And even among them, filter out the "best of the best," by exploring potential areas of growth.

When we find a suitable candidate but doubt their effectiveness, we keep their areas of growth in mind and then verify our hunches: confirming or disproving them.

The result of our work is not just money but also reputation. We don't want to disappoint you by showing people you might like but who ultimately won't show effectiveness.

To understand if an agency suits you, look directly at the candidates they present to you.

Does the quality improve after feedback on each candidate? Congratulations, you have a match.

Are all the profiles the same regardless of edits? We wish you good luck in finding a new partner.

‼️ It's important that your preferences are fully taken into account. No "he completely doesn't match points one, two, and seven, but he's really great."

On this topic, we have a (anti)case

In one company, there were two open positions: sales manager and leader.

We found the sales manager right away.

Couldn't close the leader position in a month. And didn't even show a single interview.

Was it luck at first, and then luck ran out?

But it's far from luck. We went through 10-15 interviews to find the right mop. After that, we showed only one candidate, who hit the bullseye with our client.

Pay attention to recruiters who reviewed around 200 resumes, conducted 50-60 initial interviews, and passed on only 15 candidates to us. Luck dissolves in diligent work, doesn't it?

For the leader, we had 20 of our interviews (equivalent to 80 interviews conducted by recruiters).

And none of them made it to the final stage. Because we wouldn't have taken anyone specifically into our team. It's either not right or not right for something else.

Apart from recruitment, we, as sales leaders, always understand the pains of our clients. Internal company requirements are extremely important indicators, so after an interview, we can't bring those who are "almost suitable."

Unfortunately, there are agencies that disregard client requirements and wishes ❤️. If you're concerned about candidate selection, clarify the difficulties that may arise in the process. Propose expanding the portrait and highlight secondary requirements that are not as important.

❤️ Try to choose partners who are comfortable to work with, who will listen to you, and show the most targeted candidates. They will not only provide valuable candidates but also save you time.

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